COVID Legal Requirements for Employers

COVID Legal Requirements for Employers

Let’s face it, COVID legal requirements for employers in California can be overwhelming. There are many, and they change all the time.

In late February, the CDC announce another new framework for how COVID-19 transmission rates are tracked, and updated public health guidance corresponding to each new level:  low, medium or high community transmission. At the same time, California has eliminated its universal masking requirements for everyone, even for counties which are “high” transmission where the CDC recommends masking indoors in public for all, regardless of vaccination status.

There is also an indication that CalOSHA regulations will be updated in alignment with California’s new “endemic” COVID-19 approach.  You should also be sure to double-check local requirements, as under California’s new approach local agencies can be more restrictive than state-wide requirements.

Our best overall recommendation for California companies is:  first, stay up to date on CalOSHA changes – that’s the primary health and safety agency governing most California businesses; and second, make sure you are working with a trusted compliance advisor who can help you make day to day business decisions as COVID exposure, positive tests, and masking issues come up with your workforce. 

You also want to be sure you:

  • Have an updated COVID Prevention Program in place (still required by CalOSHA, with new changes recommended as of January 2022);
  • That you are tracking COVID-19 positives, and excluding from the workforce as required by the CalOSHA Emergency Temporary Standard;
  • That you are documenting exposure notices in writing;
  • And keeping records of your contact tracing steps.

One place to find updates is the California Department of Industrial Relations COVID-19 Guidance and Resources webpage (here’s the direct link:  You can also find more information on the CDC’s new framework here:

Get Help Understanding the COVID Legal Requirements for Employers

It’s nearly impossible for an employer to keep track of all their legal requirements AND run their business successfully at the same time.

That’s why it’s helpful to have an HR Consultant/Lawyer on your side to help you navigate all the legalities and help you mitigate risk.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you stay on top of the ever-changing COVID legal requirements for employers.