A la Carte HR Pricing

Hourly Services Only Upon Request

All clients have the option to pay hourly for services as needed upon request of the employer. As of September 2022, our hourly HR consulting rate for services provided by an HR consultant/paralegal (non-attorney) is $175.00/hour and services are charged in 15-minute increments. Invoicing occurs at the end of each month, and payment is due within fifteen days. Hourly clients can choose from our a la carte menu of flat-fee services below.  Pricing is subject to modification at ES Legal’s discretion.  For updates on current pricing, including non-profit discount rates, contact us at hrhelp@eslegalinc.com.

A la Carte HR Services

The HR Audit - $3,500

2022 HR Documents Package - $3,950

Employee Handbook & Employee Arbitration Agreement - $2,500

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - $500+

Professional Development Training for Management - $500+

HR Department Professional Development - $1,500+

DISCLAIMER: Prices as of 9/20/22. The company reserves the right to modify it’s pricing structure at any time.